Permafrost Peace of Mind

Permafrost is thawing across the globe. Damage to buildings, roads and pipelines can be sudden and severe. Anyone responsible for infrastructure built on permafrost needs to keep close tabs on their rapidly changing foundations.

This unique device senses if ground is frozen or thawed regardless of its temperature. It sends alerts to your smartphone if excessive thaw occurs. No action is required if permafrost remains stable. This way, you can protect your infrastructure and avoid liability.


Proprietary Sensor

The proprietary sensor and software developed by Kryotek Arctic Innovation Inc. detects the change of state as frozen ground thaws. No scientific interpretation or data management is required. Simple, clear data that tells you either: frozen or thawed. You will only receive alerts when excessive thaw is imminent.

Seasonal Frost Monitoring

The monitoring system also works for seasonal frost applications. Keep tabs on ice road conditions, winter snow roads and frozen water crossings. Strategically travel on unsurfaced roads during spring thaw and fall freeze-up. Extend your working season, avoid costly accidents and environmental liability.

Simple, Inexpensive Installation

The sensor can be installed using hand tools in minutes. Batteries and data loggers last up to a decade. Wireless and satellite-uplinked models provide daily reporting on the state of permafrost. Monthly monitoring payment plans are available.

Powerful Software

Kryotek is developing intelligent software to compliment the FrostLink sensor system. Built upon a proprietary machine learning algorithm, data is interpreted to extrapolate permafrost, seasonal frost and winter freezing depths across a large area around each sensor. The results are displayed on an easy-to-understand colour-coded map, allowing users to quickly determine frost depths and predict when winter ice roads will become drivable, identify areas of excessive permafrost thaw, link permafrost thaw to methane emissions and project the timing of seasonal highway weight limits and earthworks construction.

Information, Anywhere

Access your data anytime, anywhere from our secure web portal. See real-time active layer and seasonal frost depths, precise sensor locations and key performance metrics indicating the stability of your permafrost.


Scientific Beta Testing Program

Scientists working with an accredited university on non-profit academic research can apply to qualify for our beta-testing program. This is an opportunity to test our newest sensors and software platforms at reduced academic rates.

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